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USL Educational Supplies

About USL


USL Educational Supplies (M) Sdn Bhd
Established since 2000

USL stands for “Ultimate choice = Superior quality + Low price”

Our main goal is to MAKE LEARNING FUN AND MEANINGFUL with USL Learning Tools!

Who are we?

Our Founder

Having experience in the education industry for more than 20 years, Our Founder started her career as a primary school teacher where she was exposed to kindergarten children and has found her interest thereafter. With that, she pursued her studies in Bachelor of Education in Early Care and Education from University of South Australia.

She then took a big step in launching her career by establishing her own kindergarten in Year 1996 after facing the difficulty of finding the right kindergarten for her eldest child. Tadika Sri Johan has since shown overwhelming number of enrolments, with 2 branches and around 280 children despite being a neighborhood kindergarten in the small town of Kajang.

During her active involvement in Early Childhood Care and Education Organisations and her frequent trip overseas in quest for more exposure in the industry, she discovered that most Malaysian kids have not been given the right exposure to “play to learn” compared to those overseas.

From there, she aspires to make learning materials affordable yet safe for children with variety of choices in hope for more Malaysian children to experience learning through playing. With her hands-on knowledge and perseverance, she started to bring in different types of educational materials and incorporated the use of the materials in her kindergarten’s syllabus since Year 1998.

Our Team

USL’s ability to stand firm in the industry and outshine the other industry players is made possible by our dedicated, hardworking and committed team. From a humble start-up of only 3 employees, we are now standing strong with over 20 employees running a space of 70,000 square feet.

Our people believe in the role of educational toys in contributing to children’s positive growth and we do our best to provide the best service possible to our patrons. Feel free to talk to any one of us from the team, as we are more than happy to help our customers from finding the best educational toys for your children or to seeking advice in starting up a kindergarten.

Our Partners

We are particularly selective in engaging our agents to ensure highest customer satisfaction. We only select manufacturers who provide the best quality products with the most competitive pricing as it is our goal to make high quality learning materials available to all at an affordable price.

Our Customers

We only go childhood once in a lifetime. Hence, we should give the best we can as a parent or educator. Playing is a vital part of a child’s development. A child needs to play to learn and he learns through play. It is important for adults to choose the right toys or learning tools that are able to facilitate and accelerate the child’s learning. It is also the adults’ responsibility to ensure what is given to the child is 100% safe. “Adults need good tools to do his work and so does our children!”

Our Product

Committed to provide the best learning tools to our children, our products are made of only the highest quality materials that are safe and non-toxic certified by the International Toys Safety standard (CE, ASTM. MC). Besides quality, our products are also current and authentic, in line with world-class education syllabus being carefully selected by our pool of consultants in the industry.


Educational tools and teaching aids are TOOLS THAT HELP CHILDREN IN LEARNING and to develop more basic skills that facilitate future learning; to stimulate logical and creative thinking; language and communication skills; caring attitude; interactive skills; development of gross and fine motor co-ordination; cognitive development – logical thinking, problem solving, perception, symbolizing, concepts of space, time and mass; social development – sharing, giving, responsibility, respect of cultural differences and etc. Teaching aids/educational tools are not merely play toys.

Criteria of good learning tools:

  • Safe - meet International Toys Safety standard (CE, ASTM, MC)
  • Open - ended
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Concrete, real and meaningful
  • Simplicity of design
  • Involve child in play
  • Stimulate imagination and aid communication
  • Encourage cooperative play
  • Durable
  • Generous in proportion and quantity
  • Price based on durability and design


They learn through play! And play is the child’s work!

Children play every day. Play is considered to be one of the primary needs of a child and play is often said to be a child’s work! Play provides the foundation for academic or ‘school’ learning. It is the preparation children need before they learn highly abstract symbols such as letters and numbers. Learning isn’t just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn firsthand about the world to live in!

Children learn best when they have ‘objects they can manipulate; when they have chances to explore the world around them; when they can experiment and learn from trial and error within a safe and stimulating environment or in another word ‘PLAY’. Play is now seen as being crucial to the development of the child – it is through play that children learn many things about the world around them!

Development through play


Play is the main way in which children learn, therefore play affects all aspects of a child’s development!

Play is a need for every child……….and when we observe children at play, we often see enjoyment and delight. Play is an important childhood activity that helps children masters all developmental needs.

Children spend a great deal of time playing. Play is the natural process by which young children learn. Because adults do not use play in the same manner, we often mistake children’s play for recreation or inconsequential activity!

Children create their own knowledge from their experiences and interactions with the world around them. Adult plays the role as facilitator or mediator by providing the suitable tools, the materials, the support, the guidance and the interest to maximize the child’s opportunities for learning!

All children progress through common developmental stages, but at the same time, each child is a unique and individual being.