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Premium Sensory Ball Pool Pit wt Soft Stairs & Crawling Wedges (3/SET)

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Premium Sensory Ball Pool Pit wt Soft Stairs & Crawling Wedges (3/SET)

This USL Sensory ball pool pits are perfect for special needs children to have fun and relax in. Ball pits are popular for their therapeutic advantages which promotes the recovery of autism, sensory integration challenges, and who are developmentally delayed. Sensory ball pool is the best addition to a sensory room, playroom, or multi-sensory activity environment. Our sensory ball pool is packed with high quality soft foam, which prevents children from injury.

The colourful plastic balls inside the ball pit creates a rainbow sea of fun and allow children or even all ages into the therapy environment. The sensory balls massage the entire body, provide buoyant support, massage pressure of sensation and promote relaxation. The visual, auditory and tactile sensory stimuli and the proprioceptive feedback build confidence and strengthen sensory motor skills.

Our sensory ball pits are available in a variety of styles and sizes that will help your special needs child, soft gym centre, kindergarten, daycare and medical centre provide hours of therapeutic fun.

Packaging: 90 x 65 x 52cm | 150 x 28 x 50cm | 129 x 28 x 50cm
Grade Preschool
Age 2 - 3 Years, 3 - 4 Years, 4 - 5 Years, 5 - 6 Years, 6 Months - 2 Years, 7 - 12 Years
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