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Our Founder

USL Learning Tools was founded when our founder, as an early childhood teacher herself, experienced difficulties in finding the right kindergarten for her eldest child. As young children only experience childhood once in a lifetime, parents and educators play an important role in their physical, social skills and cognitive development.

Passion in Education

Our founder expresses her passion in education by actively involving herself in Early Childhood Care and Education Organisations. Having more than 20 years of experiences in the education industry including establishing her own kindergarten in 1996, she believes that learning through playing could nurture imagination and creativity of young children.


She was inspired by her career as an Early Childhood teacher where she discovered that most of the Malaysian young children have not been given the right exposure to “Play to Learn”. She started to bring in different types of educational materials and incorporated in her own kindergarten’s syllabus since 1998. With her passion in edupreneurship, she decided to start up her business as a supplier for pre-school and early childhood education in 2000, impacting more than xxx school up to date. Today, USL Learning Tools have grown from a humble startup of 3 employees to 20 employees, running a space of 70,000 square feet.

Best Quality with Affordable Prices

Our founder believes that good learning tools could facilitate future learning of young children. Hence, USL Learning Tools aspire to make learning materials as the ultimate choice for educators with affordable yet safe materials which complies with the brand name, USL.

Our Products

Why is Good Learning Tools Important?

Educational tools and teaching aids are tools that help children in learning and to develop more basic skills that facilitate future learning; to stimulate logical and creative thinking; language and communication skills; caring attitude; interactive skills; development of gross and fine motor co-ordination; cognitive development – logical thinking, problem solving, perception, symbolizing, concepts of space, time and mass; social development – sharing, giving, responsibility, respect of cultural differences and etc. Teaching aids/educational tools are not merely play toys.

Criteria of good learning tools:

Simplicity of Design
Open Ended
Developmentally Appropriate
Concrete Real Meaningful
Involve Child in Play
Simulate Imagination
Generous Propotion
Price Based On Durability and Design
Encourage Cooperative Play

In USL Learning Tools, we believe that good quality educational resources could make a difference in changing a children’s life. From playing to learning, USL offers everything you need.

Let us be a part of your children’s journey! Visit us at our showroom in Kajang Perdana or learn more about our products here.